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Thank you for your interest in EZEKIEL Inc.! Through nearly twenty years of hands-on experience in dental practice, we have witnessed many shortcomings of the current technology which caused various degrees of inconvenience to our dental patients. Our purpose is to actualize the innovative solutions to alleviate such problems.

Ezekiel’s R&D has been primarily focusing on minimizing the following three: cost, duration, and invasiveness. Over many years, we have developed a number of products in collaboration with the most qualified researchers from the academia. We now wish to provide the best quality service to many dental ractitioners and patients.

The efficacy of BonePlant, our most prized synthetic bone graft product, has not only been objectively proven through GMP, ISO 9001:2008, and various safety tests, but also been verified by many clinical tests. Ezekiel Inc. wishes to earn your trust not through words, but through the proven quality of our products.

Thank you.